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How to Clean Your Hayward Salt Chlorination TurboCell

Hayward Salt Chlorination TurboCellHow to Clean Your Hayward Salt Chlorination Turbo Cell

Hayward Salt Chlorination TurboCell ,Welcome to another edition of Hayward product training today we will cover proper cleaning of Hayward’s Turbo Cell for salt chlorine generators for optimum T-cell operation and life expectancy you will need to inspect your T-cell approximately every three months of operation or five hundred hours and clean the cell if necessary however cell cleaning frequency is dependent on several factors pH and calcium levels in the water are the two that have the greatest effect on how often the cell requires clean maintaining pH between the recommended levels of to as well as keeping the calcium level between 200 and 400 parts per million should result in the cell only needing to be cleaned three to four times a year the Hayward control will automatically remind you when it is time to clean the cell with the check system light being lit and when you scroll through the default menu you will see inspect cell for the Aqua Rite Pro, press the info button to access the default menu to view the inspect cell notification if using a T-cell in conjunction with an Aqua Rite the inspect cell LED will be lit after 500 hours of operation to begin turn off the circulation pump this can be accomplished at the control and if you have a stand-alone Aqua Rite at the time clock or on/off switch next turn off the power to the control box or breaker panel unplug the cell from the Hayward control or Aqua Rite keep in mind the only portion of the t-cell and cell cable that it’s not waterproof is the end of the cord that attaches to the control now remove the cell from the plumbing by un thread the union’s on both sides of cell the unions un thread in opposite directions each other they un thread counterclockwise we are now ready to begin the cleaning process first note the calcium deposits inside the cell start by rinsing out the cell with a garden hose to remove any course debris or deposits that may be present be careful to keep the cords plug end dry next it is extremely important to note that proper eye protection and protective gloves need to be used while chemically cleaning the T-cell in addition make sure the procedures are done in a well-ventilated area outdoors make sure to keep a water supply handy to deluding solution might spill follow the chemical manufacturers recommendations for proper storing or disposing of the water acid solution muriatic acid can cause severe injury burns and respiratory problems if not handled properly please refer to the acid manufactures directions for safe handling to make the acid solution mix one part muriatic acid to 4 parts tap water in a clean plastic bucket or jug it is extremely important to always add acid to the water and never add the water to the acid one way to remember this is that you would never try to add the entire poor into the bottle of acid.

Hayward Salt Chlorination TurboCell

Next screw the cell to the Hayward cell cleaning stand hand tight make sure the end where the cord is connected is facing down as shown this will assure that the contact points inside the cell come in contact with the Cleaning solution stand the cell and cleaning stand up vertically as shown begin to fill the cell with the acid and water solution being care for the pour the solution in slowly to avoid breathing in the vapors exiting the cell the level of the solution should be slightly over the product label along with covering the cells internal plates allow the solution to remain in a Cell for approximately 15 minutes or until the fizzing and bubbling action stops when complete pour the remaining solution in the cell back into the mixing bucket or jug and rinse out the cell again with a garden hose the water muriatic acid mixture can be stored for later use or can be disposed of follow the chemical manufacturers recommendation for proper storing or disposing of the water acid solution next reinstall the cell into the plumbing unions it does not matter which end goes towards the equipment or towards the pool now plug in the cable to the chlorinating unit you will need to reset the 500 hour timer and clear the inspect cell message or LED to do this press the plus button during the inspect cell display on the Hayward control and Aqua Rite Pro or hold the diagnostic button for three seconds if using and Aqua Rite system this concludes our explanation of how to properly clean your Hayward Turbo Cell.

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