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A pool with crystal clear water being treated with IntelliChlor from Pentair

IntelliChlor from Pentair is an innovative item that uses common table…

IntelliChlor from Pentair is an innovative item that uses common table salt to create all the chlorine a swimming pool requires. This advanced system is designed to give a risk-free, efficient, and computerized way to preserve the appropriate chlorine degrees in your swimming pool.

Chlorine is a necessary chemical that is used to maintain pools clean as well as secure for swimming. It works at eliminating germs and also other contaminants that can create ailments. However, traditional approaches of including chlorine in pools can be taxing and also can additionally cause the development of damaging byproducts.

IntelliChlor resolves these issues by using a process called electrolysis to create chlorine from salt. This procedure includes passing a low-voltage electrical current with a saline remedy, which divides the salt particles right into salt and chlorine ions. The chlorine ions are then released into the water, where they kill germs as well as other impurities.

Among the essential benefits of using IntelliChlor is that it allows you to keep a regular chlorine level in your swimming pool without the requirement for hands-on additions. The system is completely automated, with sensing units that keep track of the chlorine degree in the water as well as readjust the electrolysis procedure appropriately. This ensures that your pool constantly has the optimum amount of chlorine, without the danger of over-chlorination or under-chlorination.

IntelliChlor is additionally a much safer option than traditional chlorine products. The electrolysis procedure creates pure chlorine, which implies there are no damaging byproducts or chemicals that can be damaging to swimmers. This makes it a fantastic selection for individuals with delicate skin or allergic reactions, in addition to families with young children.

A swimming pool with crystal clear water is a view to see, and also keeping correct chlorine levels is vital to attaining and also keeping this level of clearness. Using standard chlorine items can be lengthy and also might also produce unsafe byproducts, however, IntelliChlor from Pentair provides a risk-free and efficient choice.

IntelliChlor makes use of the procedure of electrolysis to create pure chlorine from common salt. This advanced system is totally automated, with sensing units that keep an eye on the chlorine levels in the water and also readjust the electrolysis procedure accordingly. This makes certain that the pool constantly has the optimal quantity of chlorine without the danger of overchlorination or underchlorination.

Not just is IntelliChlor an efficient means to maintain your pool tidy and also risk-free, but it is additionally extremely efficient. The system makes use of marginal amounts of electrical energy as well as reduced maintenance, without the need for continuous chemical enhancements or various other tasks. This makes it a convenient as well as a hassle-free way to preserve the correct chlorine degrees in your swimming pool.

So if you intend to enjoy crystal clear water in your pool without the trouble of standard chlorine products, take into consideration utilizing IntelliChlor from Pentair. Not only will it maintain your swimming pool tidy as well as risk-free, but it will also likewise conserve you money and time in the long run


Energy savings and superior performance, all in a game-changing pump

The IntelliFlo3 VSF pool pump sets the new bar for performance with built-in sensorless flow control for effortless optimum flow, and aids in keeping the pool crystal clear and inviting, no matter what it requires.

  • Proprietary flow technology maintains the pool’s optimum flow.
  • Up to 90%* energy savings. Slower speed and regulated flow save energy.
  • New motor, drive, and hydraulics. Department of Energy (DOE) compliant.
  • Easy control via the Pentair Home app or optional touchscreen.
  • WEF 7.1 THP 3.0
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