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How to Connect Color Changing LED Strip Light

Color Changing LED

This video will show you how to connect color changing LED strip lights to a wireless controller and transformer at the end of this video we will show you how to share the controller to the receiver here on the video you will see the power source wireless controller receiver your transformer and your LED strip light make sure the LED ship like a transformer are the same voltage here you’ll see the many transformer for the wireless controller the plastic junction boxes you so the RF signal from the controller is not blocked you will connect the controller to the mini transformer the black wire will go to the ground and the red wire will go to the vi n on the back of your controller then attach the wireless controller to the junction box with the AC we are sticking out of the hole for better connection next you will need to set up for power for the transformer the left-hand side that smart AC will go to the power source the DC output will go to the input side of the receiver output from the receiver will connect to the strip to connect them the Transformers d speed red wire will go to the receivers input which is positive and the black wire will go to the negative then connect the LED strip light to the receiver output with black which is your positive line and your red green and blue are your negative lives make sure they are securely fastened with the screws for proper connection next we’ll connect the power plug to the AC wire and plug it into your power source now we will show you how to pair the wires controller and the receiver in three simple steps make sure the power is on for your receiver first select the numbers on the controller second place in 19 switch button on the receiver and third just a color wheel on the control

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