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how to program a Pentair variable-speed stand-alone system

how to program a variable-speed stand-alone system , so this is how we’re going to do it first thing we need to do is we need to hit the menu button and we need to go to settings select set the time hey Richard what time is it okay 12:56 1257 now and when you’re done you enter and that’s all you have to do now that’s going to read the current time up there and p.m. Fahrenheit contrast level English minimum speed 450 maximum speed 3450 and you can set a password if you want pump address one you set multiple addresses for multiple pumps if you’re using another system to control it okay so we’re going to escape okay we’re going to go to speed one through eight in order to set the programs hit select speed one these are all preset so it depends on what speed you want to want to use but we can go and go say you want to be on speed 3 which is 23 50 you can set it to whatever speed you want but let’s let’s just go to speed 3 we’ll select it next thing you need to do is change it from manual to schedule then we set the speed in the start time we probably want to start about 6:30 want the start time we want it to say one just one up till noon and enter and you can do that on any of the different speeds you want you have up to eight speeds you can select that’s it hits the escape and then when we’re all said and done you want to hit the start/stop button that light needs to be on all the time otherwise the pump won’t come on at the right time if this light is off your schedules not running so make sure that lights on that’s all there is to it okay setting the preset speeds and your variable speed pump is like setting it on your radio in your car all you do is just find the speed that you like and then if you want that to be on that speed to be on this number you just hold it down until the cursor disappears and now that’s how it’s set for so now this is preset for 2500 same thing that this is is set for 15 whatever I want to set it for and just hold it down cursor disappears ,

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How To Program A Pentair Variable Speed Pump, How To Program A Variable Speed Drive, How To Program A Variable Speed Pool Pump

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